Thursday, May 12, 2011

Day 1 of 365

My newest tattoo (number seven) and my motivation. My mom and I have decided to take this year that Tyler will be overseas and turn it into something positive and work towards a common goal...we are going to use him as motivation to get in shape and, for me, basically better myself in every way. He doesn't leave until June, but I am starting now to get things rolling.

Have you all seen Monsters, Inc.?? Well, this is one of Gabriel's favorite movies and he watches it as often as I will let him. There is a part right near the beginning where Mike (the little green monster with one eye) wakes up Sully (the big blue monster with purple spots and horns) and he is like a personal trainer. He is yelling at him and motivating him and getting him to work out and do what needs to be done.

I wish I had a little green monster to help me get through my workouts. So I am going to channel my inner Mike. When I'm feeling a little unmotivated or I feel like giving in, I am going to picture Mike standing there yelling at me and keeping me motivated. "Less talk, more pain, marshmellow [girl]!" He says 'boy' right there because he is talking to Sully who is, obviously, a male I will have to switch it up a bit.

Haha man, you can tell I have a kid when I use an animated movie for motivation...along with my tattoo...But this gives me a year. I have a few goals along the way and I hope it doesn't take me all year to lose the weight I want but it does give me a little bit of room to have a bad day every once in a while and just pick it right back up and keep going.

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