Wednesday, June 8, 2011

You've just been overhauled!

I'm making sure I have the perfect five for my countdown before I start it again so it will be just a little bit longer before I do that again...

In the meantime, I have been giving my entire house an overhaul! It is ridiculous how much I have done in the past three days and how much still needs to be done...but we switched Gabriel's room to the third bedroom. It is a bigger room than the one he was in and it is painted a dark teal color from when it was Josh's old bedroom. He now has a full bed instead of a twin and it looks so much like a little boy's room instead of a baby room like his other one did.

If Josh and I ever have another little munchkin, the other room will be turned into a nursery, but for now it is going to be a library/home gym and I can't wait!! I have already moved my bookshelves in there from my bedroom and put a table in it for a television eventually, but what do you all think?

I have an Ab Circle machine and The Wave and they are both going in there. Tomorrow I am getting a Pilates Reformer and that is going in there and then it will be complete (once we get the tv obviously) and I'm so excited!!

Now, for the bad news from this week. Mom, Dad, Gabriel, and I were supposed to go up to Ft. Dix June 16-19th because Tyler had a pass and that way we could see him off because that is when he is leaving to go overseas. Well, he (and everyone else going) had to get a Smallpox vaccine yesterday and that means that there is a possibility he could give the disease to someone within the first 30 days of getting the vaccine. As much as I want to see Tyler off, there is no way I could take the chance of Gabriel getting anything. I cried for an hour...Mom and Dad are still going so he will still have someone there and I will see him when he gets back, but I was devastated.

I guess that's it for today. I will take more pictures tomorrow when I get my reformer and get it set up in my gym :) and then when I get everything in the house set up and cleaned. I can't wait until it is all done.

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  1. He can opt to not get it till he arrives at his destination! That's what Mike did with all his vaccines, so that he could be with us every day till the day he left! He just has to mark "yes" on his paperwork when filing out if he will be around anyone under the age of 5 I think it is?