Thursday, April 14, 2011

I'm tired of coming up with titles...

So it turns out that my allergies haven't kicked in yet...I was just sick. Josh was sick (he gets sick a lot more now that he works at the hospital but he usually doesn't pass it to us) and then he gave it to Gabriel (but when Gabriel is sick all that happens is he gets a temperature and then he is fine), and then apparently it moved on to me...because now my mom is sick and I'm not anymore. This is good and bad at the same time. Good because I'm not dealing with being sick anymore but bad because that means my allergies are just laying in wait to make their big entrance.

My mom went today and bought one of those books that you record your voice reading have all seen those right? Well, she got it for Tyler to record himself reading it so Gabriel can hear his voice while he is in Afghanistan for the next year. I think it is an amazing idea but I'm not going to be able to listen to it without breaking down...and we aren't even sure if Tyler is going to be able to make it through recording it without breaking down himself.

When Tyler gets back from overseas, we are going to get a tattoo together. We are going to get the tattoos of Aequitas and Veritas like the brothers from Boondock Saints have...we aren't going to get them on our hands, obviously, but that is the plan...I just have to figure out where to get mine and if I am getting one and he is getting the other or if we are both getting both of them. I wanted to get the tattoos before he went but he couldn't because he already had all of his bloodwork done and he wasn't allowed to get another tattoo until he gets back. the wedding this past weekend, the bridal party all got Batman shaped silly bands and I grabbed another one for Tyler because Batman is his favorite superhero...I asked if he would wear it while he was overseas and I would wear mine and whenever he looked down at it he could think of me/us and everytime I look down at mine I would think of him...even though I won't need a bracelet to be thinking of him the whole time he is gone...

Random post, I know...which is why I hate coming up with titles for entries that are all over the place and don't have a set theme haha

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  1. I love the tattoo idea! & I hope the allergies don't get too bad for you..I've kept a case of the sniffles for the past few weeks, so I'm hoping it doesn't get any worse w/ this pollen coming out.