Monday, April 18, 2011

Stressful Weekend

The title tells it all. This weekend was so stressful that I am so glad it is over and that is definitely new for me. The biggest thing is that our fridge broke...and we didn't find out it was broken until we got home from buying $200 in groceries.

So instead of spending the whole day cleaning and organizing the house like we had planned, we had to go out and buy a brand new fridge. We have an emergency fund and we had enough money to spend on a new fridge (and a nice one at that) but I hate spending a lot of money like that when Josh doesn't make enough to put it back in any time soon...

And we still haven't fixed his is still in the shop and we don't know how much it is going to be to fix it...and that was coming out of our emergency fund too. I'm really stressed about money anyway, and this didn't help.

And not only did we have to deal with that but Josh's stupid dog Roxy (that we have had so many problems with ever since we have gotten together) is driving me crazy. We have to keep her seperate from Toby (my boxer) because Roxy attacks her and literally tries to kill her. When we leave the house we leave Roxy inside and Toby and Apollo outside.

When we got home, Gabriel went to play in his room and he comes running out saying there was dog poop in his room. Roxy had gone into his room and pooped (twice in one day) after I had let her outside to go before we left...ugh! I was so mad. She is house trained, and I usually trust her in the house alone more than I trust the others, but not anymore. I could have killed her with my bare hands.

I am so over her attitude! She is the moodiest, most spoiled rotten dog on the face of the planet! I want to get a kennel, put it in the back yard, and stick her in there 24/7. Feed her in there, make sure she has water and a little bit of a shelter for when it rains, but keep her there forever!!! That would make me so happy but Josh won't let me do that. But, I swear, if she keeps up with this acting out, I am either going to put her up somewhere or we are going to get rid of her...and Josh will just have to deal with it...

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