Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Ah, where to begin.

I don't want to go through all of the money gotten and lost in the three short years Josh and I have been married because I'm not sure you would believe me and also, I don't even want to think about it right now. But we are really struggling right now to pay our bills. In fact, we can't pay our bills. Josh is just now getting back into a job that pays worth a damn but we are so far behind from when he had crappy paying jobs that we can't catch up. Plus, we have to buy diapers for Gabriel and enough dog food to feed a Great Dane and two other dogs. It has been very rough and very stressful.

Well, Josh went today to get his truck appraised to see how much he could get to sell it back to Berglund. I won't say the amount, but it is enough to get us caught up on all of our bills and to have plenty in savings. Yeah, we will only have one car to share between the two of us, but we have already worked everything out with that. And not having money problems like we do now is so worth it to me to sacrifice my own car and to just have one family vehicle.

I sat down with mom tonight to figure out exactly what we owe and to start a budget. Since I will be at home while Josh is at work, I will be in charge of all the finances. I am so excited about having a budget and starting on it. Every single penny will be written into the budget and if it isn't in the budget, it doesn't get spent. I cannot wait to start that. I know that is really going to help with my stress levels. I know that no one really cares to read about my money problems but it is so nice to be able to get everything written down into a blog or online diary haha to vent I guess.

Gabriel and I are still moving back home this weekend, either tomorrow or Friday, so this is like the new beginning in every aspect of the phrase. :) yay

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