Thursday, January 6, 2011

C. S. Lewis is a genius

So, I have been reading the Narnia books to Gabriel at night. We finished reading The Magician's Nephew last night and it was so great. It really explains the next book. We started reading The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe last night too and it is so great. So far, the movie follows the book pretty closely. I always wondered if it did.

Reading these books makes me want to watch the movies and I'm really sad they didn't make a movie of the first book. It was so great. And, like I said, it explains the second book so well. You understand it a lot better if you know what happens in The Magician's Nephew. I can't wait to read all of them.

I love the way he writes. It's funny and smart and endearing all at once. I usually read one chapter a night to Gabriel and he falls asleep but last night I read four chapters (the last two of The Magician's Nephew and the first two of The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe) before he fell asleep. I think I might enjoy reading these books to him more than he does haha.

Once we have read all of the Chronicles of Narnia, I will have to pick another series of books to read to him. I have Inkheart by Cornelia Funke and I thought that I could get Inkspell and Inkdeath and read those to him as long as the content wasn't bad. I skip over whatever I don't want Gabriel to hear anyway so that wouldn't be a one of the characters tells another one to shut up in The Magician's Nephew and since I don't want Gabriel saying that (and since we have had a problem with him saying it and getting into trouble) I just said "be quiet" instead. But I'm not sure...I might try to find another series of books to read to him. Any suggestions? I want to read books to him that he can understand but not kiddie books...books that are longer than fifty pages and even better if it is a series.

I love reading to him and it relaxes him enough to go to sleep. He fights sleep and he gets so worked up sometimes when I leave him in bed. I used to just let him scream in his crib because he would eventually go to sleep, but then he would climb out of his crib and I was having the hardest time keeping him in there. Now that he is in a regular bed, there is no way he would stay in least not without him getting out and me taking him back a million times. But now, I put him in bed, give him a kiss, and then sit down and read to him until he falls asleep. It is less stress on him and me as well, and it's so great to read to your kids when they are growing up.

Anyways, I went on about this a lot longer than I thought I was going to haha. I will write more later.

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