Monday, January 10, 2011


All right...I know there are a lot of people out there that hate Twilight, but I am not one of those people. Now, I am not obsessed with it like all of the 13 year old girls out there screaming, "MARRY ME, ROB!!!", but I like it nonetheless. I liked the books and I was excited to see the movies when they came out, and I enjoyed them. I have not gotten Eclipse on dvd yet because we don't really have the money to go spend it on something that isn't a necessity, but I own Twilight and New Moon.

I let my mom borrow Twilight (the movie) when it first came out and I was surprised that she actually liked it. Even though she isn't a huge fan of the paranormal, she loved the love story between Bella and Edward.

So last night, Gabriel and I were over at Mom and Dad's house and Twilight came on Showtimes so, while my dad was watching Gabriel, Mom and I watched Twilight. New Moon came on right after Twilight, and since my mom hadn't seen it, we decided to watch that too. Now, we all know how New Moon ends...Edward asks Bella to marry him, she gasps, and the movie ends.

I get a text message this morning from my mom and this is exactly what it said..."So I'm about to die to see the third movie"...I busted out laughing! I told her I didn't have it yet, but when I did I would let her borrow it. A little later on in the day I get another text message...she went out and bought Eclipse!

I have created a monster! And I love it!!!

She told me I could have it once she watched it, but she had to see it. And she was NOT HAPPY when I told her the fourth one doesn't come out until November and then that is only the first half of the movie...and the second half doesn't come out until the following November. She was definitely not a happy camper haha and she even said, "Well, I'm glad I didn't get into it earlier than now because I hate waiting." :) And then she told me that she would be going with me to see Breaking Dawn in theaters!

Oh, and guess what Team she is...

*pause for effect*

Team Edward!

I thought she would like Jacob better, but she surprised me once again! I just love it! We are going to have a Twilight marathon once they are all out on dvd! :)

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