Monday, January 3, 2011

It's not a diet...It's a lifestyle change

Haha. It really is a lifestyle change. After feeling like crap all the time, having no energy, and being fat for too long, I have decided to take some drastic measures to get skinny again and to stop filling my body with junky foods.

I have started following the Primal Blueprint. It is a healthy way to eat that mirrors our ancient ancestors. Eating lots of plants and animals, simple exercising, and a more positive outlook with less stress.

The biggest thing that I am having problems with is giving up my Diet Mountain Dew. I wanted to give them up anyway for my New Years Resolution because I drink way too many of them and I know they are what is making me feel like crap most of the time. I haven't had anything to drink but water since I am having some pretty crazy caffeine withdrawals, but it is all worth it. (I'm also on my period and having killer cramps, so this year so far has been a bit of a pain.)

I have been doing really good with following the Primal lifestyle other than exercising. I just want to get the eating down before I throw something else in there.

It isn't a diet, because I am going to eat like this for the rest of my life, it is a lifestyle change that is only for the better! :)


  1. Best wishes as you start on a diet, um I mean lifestyle change.

    I also need to make some changes that I'm hoping i'll be able to hang to for the rest of my life.


  2. Good luck sweetie! I know you'll do great and then when we both have our rockin' bodies again we can go party like rock stars ;) lol .... Maybe... :P

  3. hey, I guess anyone who wants to call it a diet can...If it works, I don't really care what it is called haha.

    Thanks, babe! Heck yeah!! When I'm skinny again I am going to save up money and go crazy and get awesome sexy clothes for a nice little self esteem boost haha :) and then we will go out for a girls' night!!

  4. I'm right there with you! I'm trying to clean up our lifestyle, and lose about 15lbs, before we try for a baby next year. My worst habit is eating junk late at night, & buying quick dinners bc they are cheap, which are horrible for you. So I'm trying to add more fruits and veggies. I used to run, and that helped alot, but now I don't have anywhere safe to run. :P I'll be saying a prayer for ya!

  5. aw :) good luck. I'm doing something very similar. I have been soda free since Friday night...and it's really not that bad (so far). I have been off caffeine for a while, so that's not really bothering me much. I'm like you though, trying to introduce my body into this very slowly... :)

  6. Yeah, I am still trying to lose the weight I gained when I was pregnant with Gabriel...I have been doing really good and I am very encouraged. Thanks for the prayers and thoughts, guys!! :)