Friday, August 27, 2010

I love my hair!

The longer my hair gets, the more I love it. I have always wanted to have really long hair, like coming down to the middle of my back, but I never liked the way it looked so I would cut it off short again. But now, I am going about it the right way.
I've never liked a lot of short layers, instead going for long layers in the bottom of my hair, and that has been the problem. Short layers are the key to my hair's success right now. The longest part of my hair comes past my collar bones and the shortest layers touches about the top of my ear. It makes my super thick hair lay just right and I love it. I can fix it completely straight or flip it out and even straighten it under for a little more body. I love it!
I have bangs too but I am trying to let them grow out. I might change my mind and cut them again because I really like them, but I'm not sure yet. I have just been parting my hair to fix it instead of pulling my bangs forward and I think it looks a lot better.
I pulled it back yesterday in a clip because I took a shower in the morning and didn't have time to do anything with it. When I let my hair dry naturally, it gets really frizzy and poofy and yucky, so I twisted it all back in a large clip and it looked awesome! Some of my bangs fell forward so I just sprayed the crap out of it with hairspray and it was great.
Yes, it does take about 30 minutes to straighten my hair once it is completely dry, but I have got that down to an art form. haha. And I know the longer it is the longer it will take to fix, but the longer it gets, the more I can do with it while it is natural instead of straightened. I cannot wait until it is grown out to the length I want it.

This is the style that I was looking at when I decided to grow my hair out long. This is the length I am going for or maybe even a little longer...not insanely long though. My hair is a lot thicker than hers so it will look different of course, but this is basically it. I would love for mine to be this color too but it won't be this white. I think I am going to let my natural color grow out and just add a lot of white highlights in it and be good to go!
What do you guys think? My bestie Ally told me she thinks mine will look good like you all agree??

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  1. I think it would look great that length! ...but like I said on facebook - you would look good with short hair too. :)