Saturday, August 21, 2010


My birthday is tomorrow and we aren't really celebrating this weekend because Tyler isn't here. We are going to lunch with some of my family after church but that is it. Tyler comes home on Friday so we are going to go out and do something next weekend for my birthday even though I don't really know what we are going to do. So, I thought it would be fun to just go out with some friends tonight and have fun. I guess because it was such short notice that not a lot of people are able to go. And I know that everyone has a busy life...I do too...but I kinda hoped more people would want to go out and do something. I might just go do something by myself since I don't have a lot of alone time or I might just cancel and stay home. I don't know. I keep texting people and writing stuff on Facebook about it but no one is giving me definite answers except for 'no'.

I don't guess I would really mind just going somewhere and eating by myself and maybe going to Barnes & Noble by myself and just reading and looking at books and enjoying the silence. If no one can go out then that is what I will be doing. I might even go see a movie by myself. I might as well do something. Josh is keeping Gabriel because I didn't want to ask my parents to watch him again. I feel like they are always watching him and I just feel bad. I know they don't mind but he is a lot to handle. I don't want them to get run down. Well, I guess I will figure it out as the day goes on.

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  1. I'm so sorry sweetie! I wish I could be there for you. :(