Monday, August 2, 2010

No idea

Well, the bachelorette party went well. We had a blast. The only bad thing about the whole weekend is the fact that I got no sleep. I have caught up on my sleep a little bit since then, thank goodness, and I will post pictures once I get the good ones from my friend and fellow bridesmaid who took them. The ones I took were all right but I didn't get any after we left the hotel room to go to AP's. She took a million and they were all wonderful!! So I will post them later.

I really have nothing to write but I hate going long periods of time without blogging. I guess I can talk about books or my story. I don't really want to talk too much about my story until I really start getting into it.

I finished Meg: Primal Waters last night. It is the third book in the Meg series by Steve Alten. I also started reading the fourth book, Meg: Hell's Aquarium, and so far it is just as great as the others. My brother got me hooked on the first two, Meg: A Novel of Deep Terror and The Trench, and I read them about ten times each before the third one came out.

I have so many books that I have and haven't read yet that I'm not even sure where to begin. They all look so great. Cleopatra's Daughter that I just finished last week was so great. I cried like a baby. I love books that make me cry because it doesn't happen very often. Movies make me cry all the time but there are very few books that I have cried while reading.

So Tyler left for California on Sunday while I was still in North Carolina. It really sucked that I wasn't there at the airport to say goodbye to him. He will only be gone a month, but that means that he is going to miss my birthday. He told me that he wanted to take me out when he gets back to celebrate my birthday and that sounds good to me! But I'm not sure where we should go. I asked him if other people could come and he said, "I'm only paying for you, but I don't care how many people come." haha.

Josh is redoing my parent's bathroom and he is going to be working there after he gets off work every day this week and won't be home until like midnight. My mom is so excited about getting a new bathroom. She says it feels like Christmas. He is changing everything. A new shower, new sink, new floors, new everything. It is going to look great. I was hoping that after he did theirs, he could redo ours. I want a claw foot tub where our little bitty shower is now and a huge shower where our garden tub is now. I'm not sure that is what I am going to get, but a bigger shower would be better than anything.

Yeah, so I didn't know this entry would be so random, but there you have it. I will write more later and hopefully I will have a topic to write on. haha.

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