Saturday, September 25, 2010

Medieval Faire

Gabriel and I went to the Medieval Faire today with Mom and Dad and it was amazing.

I got the cutest picture EVER!...
Adorable, right?? Anyways...I ended up sitting in a field by myself watching the Highland games. Now, this might seem really boring to some people, but it was actually great. Dad was off chasing the munchkin and Mom and Penny were gone to the store. It was just me watching a bunch of guys in kilts trying to outdo each other. And as I was sitting there, I thought to myself..."What is up with me and finding guys in skirts so friggin sexy?!?!"

I mean, come on, first I do an entry on ancient Romans and their sexy military uniforms that just happen to be skirts and I didn't really touch on kilts. My heritage is Scottish with a little bit of Irish thrown in there too, so I think it might just be in my blood to love a man in a kilt. And bagpipes! I LOVE bagpipes!!

Have you all seen Made of Honor? In the movie, when they are in Scotland doing the Highland Games (the very thing I was watching at the Medieval Faire) and Kevin McKidd is in his Scottish attire...know what I am talking about? He is a fairly attractive man anyway, but put him in a kilt with a strong Scottish accent *phew*. I have no earthly idea why she left him for Patrick Dempsey. She's insane. Anywho! Am I the only one who thinks kilts are sexy?

I tell ya what, I was almost drooling today watching these men in kilts. I can't even tell you what I find so appealing about them, but...MMMmmmm!!!! haha.

Now, I tried to find some nice pictures to go along with this entry but I couldn't really find any that I liked all that much. You will just have to take my word for it! :)

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