Thursday, September 16, 2010


I forgot how much I hate having to wait for one episode of a show every week instead of waiting until the seasons come out on DVD. The Vampire Diaries second season started last week. I didn't finish the watching the first season on DVD in time to watch last week's episode but I watched it online so that I could start watching the second season on TV every week. I love it, but I hate waiting. I want to be able to watch the next episode or put in the next disc to keep watching. Sigh. Oh well.

So, today has been interesting. My cousin was supposed to get married last year, but her fiance ended up going to rehab for a drug addiction and it was a year long program. He got out in May of this year and they set the wedding for October 2...well, it turns out that rehab didn't help. In fact, he traded in his drug of choice for an even worse drug this time. She called off everything yesterday and she has been very upset...duh, anyone would we spent the day with her and some other family members. She has a long road ahead of her, but we are a close family and she knows she has our support.

It is hard when your significant other has an addiction. Of course, Josh and I were already married when I found out about his and she found out before they got married. I was also pregnant before I really understood the severity of the situation...but then again, Josh quit without going to rehab. If I had been confronted with this before we got married, things could have been a lot different.

I don't really have a lot to say in this entry but I wanted to write something. I will write more later when I have a bit more to say.


  1. I'll be praying for your cousin...what a horrible thing! :( I can't imagine how hearbreaking it is.

    My husband used to have some "issues" that I won't go into... but quit everything cold turkey, with no help...about a year before we even started dating.

    God had a way of working in Clif's life before God was even a PART of Clif's life. I'll be praying that the same thing happens with this young man that you wrote of.

    It's weird thinking of how things COULD have been sometimes.

    And where do you go to watch TV episodes online?? I looked for a few last night, but couldn't figure anything out. I guess I'm behind times...

  2. Thank you. He definitely needs our prayers. Josh quit a lot of things before we got together too, it was just the drinking that he couldn't let go of.

    Well, to watch Vampire Diaries I just went to the CW website because that is the channel it plays on. You can just google 'watch full episodes of ________' whatever show you would like to watch and see which websites come up, or just go to the site of the channel it is on.

    When in doubt, google! That is my motto when I am using the internet haha.

  3. hey i left u an award on my blog. :)