Saturday, February 12, 2011

Bye Bye, Mater!

So...a while ago, Josh bought this piece of crap truck. It was silver, it didn't run very well, and it was all nice and rusty like Mater from the movie that is what I started calling it. Over the next few months, Josh took all of the spare money we had and put it into this stupid truck and redid the entire engine...but it still didn't run. He would go out to start it in the morning and for one reason or another, it wouldn't start and he would have to take my Xterra, leaving Gabriel and me stuck at home.

We got the truck so we wouldn't have to share a car anymore and after spending a few thousand dollars, we were still sharing a car. I have hated that truck since the minute he bought it. We don't need to go a lot of places but we haven't been able to do anything like getting our weekly adjustment at the Chiropractor or spending time with my family on Thursdays which has been a weekly thing for as long as I can was frustrating. Plus, being stuck at home was really driving me crazy...I couldn't just get out of the house if I wanted to and be around other people.

Now that Josh is working two jobs in Roanoke instead of one job at the lake (not ten minutes from our house), we wanted to sell his truck and get a car that is better on gas milage for him to drive...oh yeah, and one that actually runs! A friend of his had a car that he wanted to trade for an SUV or a truck, so Josh talked to him the other night about trading the car for his truck...

MATER IS FINALLY GONE!!!!! He came over last night, left his car here, and took the truck for good. Thank goodness!!! Now, the car needs a few things before he can drive it but Josh is taking care of them today so that I can have my car back to go to church tomorrow. I am so happy to see that truck go! I just hope this car lasts for a while.

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  1. YAY!!! That's so exciting! :) Happy for you girly!