Thursday, February 24, 2011


Can chickens get any dumber? Our next door neighbors, who are also Josh's aunt and uncle, have a bunch of chickens. And some of them are actually ours but we keep them over there because they have a coop. Well, they don't leave the chickens in the coop, they let them run around their yard...which would be fine with me if they stayed in their yard. You would think that they would stay away from our yard because of the three barking dogs, one of which is the size of a pony...but do they? Absolutely not.

I believe I told the story on here about the first time that Apollo caught a chicken after chasing them for many wasn't a pretty sight. But, I called over there and told them that Apollo had killed a chicken and it turned out to be a rooster...which was fine at the moment because they had too many roosters anyway and they were going to kill and eat them eventually...well, a few weeks later, they called Josh to tell him that Apollo had killed yet another rooster, but he had killed the one that they were going to keep.

So far, he has killed about seven roosters I think (they had ten I believe), and they were mad. Well, my dogs are contained within my yard by a fence. It isn't my fault that your stupid roosters keep coming over the line and getting themselves killed my my dog. It isn't like he left our yard and ran over there and killed one. I could see that as being our fault, but he doesn't leave the yard. But every single day, those stupid chickens are strutting around right on the line and every once in a while, one crosses over too far and Apollo grabs it.

We have told them to put the chickens up because they keep coming in our yard and that is why Apollo kills them...but they still let them run around. Yesterday, Gabriel was looking out the window and he said, "Look, mommy, a chicken!" so I went to look but about that time, the chicken went around the side of the house and Apollo spotted him...and he took off and went around the house after him. I ran around to the back windows and saw Apollo coming around the back of the house with yet another chicken in his mouth...and he was running back towards the front of the house. So I went and shut the front door really quick so Gabriel wouldn't see it because he kept asking me where the chicken went and I just kept saying, "I don't know, sweetie."

So I texted Josh and told him to call his uncle and tell him that if he wants to keep any of his stupid chickens alive, he needs to put them up and stop letting them run wild and get themselves killed. He didn't call him, and I don't blame him, because he will be mad and act like it is our fault! I'm sorry your moronic chickens keep waltzing over to our yard, where they know an extremely large dog lives, and then never returning home...but it isn't my fault! And it makes me mad to know that they will blame it on us...ugh!

Sorry, I know, completely random blog post, but I had to vent about those friggin' chickens!! They drive me crazy!!!

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