Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Monkey

I took Gabriel to the store to let him pick out what he wanted for Valentine's Day. I told him he could pick out one toy or stuffed animal and one thing of candy.
Well, he didn't want candy, he wanted marshmellows and he didn't want the mini ones like he usually gets...he wanted the big Jet-Puffed ones that were strawberry flavored...so that is what he got. And which stuffed animal did he want?
The biggest one there, of course. Now, normally I wouldn't let him just get whatever he wanted...but there were some special circumstances thrown in there today so I got him the biggest stuffed animal they had...
...a monkey that is bigger than him. So there he is enjoying his strawberry marshmellows and his Valentine's Monkey...that I have started calling George because he says it reminds him of George of the Jungle.
And, of course, he wanted to take George to bed with him and cuddle with him instead of his stuffed Larry from Veggietales's The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything. Larry got bumped to the toybox and George got the bed. After I read to him from The Chronicles of Narnia series like I do every night and he fell asleep...he had his arms slung over George's legs.
So when he woke up this morning and came walking into my bedroom and opened the door, the first thing I saw was George. He was carrying George and his blankie that he sleeps with too and he somehow opened the door haha.

He propped George up on his daddy's pillow and leaned back against him to read a book...George is now sitting on the floor with Gabriel while he is playing and running around.

He absolutely loves his Valentine's Monkey George...I don't know how long it will last, but for now it is adorable! And I had to share! :)

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