Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I am in desperate need of a break...an escape from reality. Being stuck at home all day every day with no opportunity to go anywhere is really starting to leave its mark on me and on Gabriel. We are growing very tired of each other and I am pretty sure I am going to be insane within the next month or two if I keep going like this. I am sleep deprived, which doesn't help anything, and I'm not even sure why I can't sleep...I just can't. Ugh!

The good news is, I have exercised every day except for today...but I still might a little later...and I am thinking about going for a run this weekend if I can get someone to watch the munchkin. I am still excited about everything, but I know it is going to take a while...but I don't want to talk about that because I don't want to bum myself out haha. This blog entry is about my escape.

When my brother gets back from AIT, we are going to Kentucky. That is going to be such a blast. I'm still not sure what we are doing, but whatever we end up doing is going to be great. That is definitely a much needed vacation!

My best friend, Jess, is getting married August 8 and I'm a bridesmaid. All of the bridesmaids are having a Tasteful Treasures party and then going to Greensboro, North Carolina to Arizona Pete's at the end of July. It is going to be a nice weekend away and my parents are taking Gabriel to Natural Bridge for the weekend. I can't wait for that.

But my birthday is August 22 and all I wanted was a day spa getaway. I was hoping my besties Jess and Ally could come with me and we could just have an awesome girl's day with massages and pedicures and facials and just a wonderful day of pampering. I just hope my sanity can make it until then.


  1. I think its so fun that you guys come to Greensboro! :) How long is the drive?

  2. It's about a 2 hour drive or so. Not too bad haha. You should come out to Arizona Pete's and hang out with us that weekend!!

  3. 'Cha...I can see me at Arizona Pete's now. lol I've never been there...but I've been to the comedy zone ...which is in the same parkin' lot. haha

  4. Oh come on! That will be so much fun!! It is just going to be my best friend Jess, me, and all the other bridesmaids! You should totally come and just have a girls' day! It will seriously be a blast!!