Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Good News!!

My last entry was a little depressing to say the least so I have decided to write a happy blog about all the good things happening right now.

1. I got my big, sturdy bookshelf yesterday!!! It was my parents' bookshelf but they went through all their books and wanted to get rid of some of the shelves they had and I got my favorite one. It is only four shelves where my other one was five shelves, but this one is much sturdier. I can pile as many books on each shelf as I want and it won't bother it a bit. Plus, I can put books on top of this one (and I have already) because my other one was so flimsy you couldn't put anything on top of it. I am so excited about it. I only got about 50 more books on this one than I had on my other one, but it just looks so much better. And there is room for more books too! YAY!!

2. I mailed the last two overdue bills today so we are all caught up! Hooray for being debt free! And Josh got paid today twice the amount I have in the budget...this means that we can put a few hundred dollars in savings every paycheck and we will have a nice large amount to add to what we have left over from Josh selling his truck. We will be able to save up for a nice big vacation when Tyler gets back from AIT.

3. Tyler graduates from AIT the 29th of this month! I can't wait until he is back! He is only here for a month before he leaves to go to California for training but that is a month that we will be able to see him. 4. And we are going to Kentucky to visit my family when he gets home too because we haven't seen them in a while. We are going to be gone a week and we are going to do all kinds of fun stuff. Amusement parks, aquariums, museums, shopping, relaxing, spending time with family. I can't wait!!

5. Josh and I are doing pretty good. We haven't been back together for that long and I know that there is still a long way to go before we are going to be really happy, but being caught up on all of our bills has really taken a lot of stress out of our lives and that helps. I am hoping that once we put new tires on the truck, and really get into the budget and start paying our bills on time, I will be able to sleep better and that will REALLY help!!

6. The house is clean...ish. I'm not going to say it looks great but I will say it is mediocre. I cleaned it because we were having people over yesterday for Memorial Day and I had to clean our room to be able to get the new bookshelf in. I put a load of dishes into the dish washer and when that is finished, I am going to do a few small loads of clothes and just straighten up a bit and then I will have maintained it for the day.

That doesn't really seem like a lot when I put it out in writing, but it is a lot to me. It feels nice to write out all of the good things for a change.


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