Saturday, July 24, 2010

My List of Five

All right, here it is. I have been trying to put together and finalize my List of Five as much as possible so that I could blog about it and get everyone's list too. This list is the top 5 guys that you find the most attractive.

My number 5 is Matthew Goode. He played in Chasing Liberty. Watchmen, and Leap Year. He is English.

My number 4 is Charlie Cox. He played Tristan in Stardust and he also played in Casanova with Heath Ledger. He is also English.

My number 3 is Craig Horner. He played Richard Cypher in the TV show Legend of the Seeker. Yummy! He is Australian.

My number 2 is Bradley Cooper. He played in All About Steve and The Hangover. He is American.

And my number 1 is............drum roll please........

ALEX O'LOUGHLIN!!!!!! *sigh* Be still my beating heart! He played Mick St. John in the TV show Moonlight and he played in Whiteout, Back-Up Plan, the TV show Three Rivers, and he is in the upcoming remake of Hawaii Five-O. He is also Australian.

Does anyone else see a few patterns here? The first one is...only one of five is American. The rest are either English or Australian. Yes, I have a thing for accents!!! And another pattern is they all have dark hair. Which is pretty crazy because I always thought I went more for blonds...apparently not. Most of them have long or shaggy hair too which I did know I went for haha.

So what does everyone think? Who are your top five??


  1. Mine:
    5: Alex O'Louglin
    4: Alex O'Loughlin
    3: Alex O'Loughlin
    2: Alex O'Loughlin

  2. You have great taste! Alex O'Loughlin rocks!

  3. Well, I decided to take your asking us who our hotties were - and I turned it into my today's blog post. So check out my blog for my list of hotties. :)