Saturday, July 3, 2010


I might as well have an entry about tattoos. There is a lot to say about them and since I have six and am getting more, I might as well blab.

Ok, well, first of all I just want to say something...It drives me crazy when people get tattoos just to look tough. First of all, if you are a bean pole with no muscles and you get a big huge tattoo on a muscle that is supposed to be there but isn't like your bicep you don't look look like a moron who is trying too hard. Also, if you get a stupid little tattoo that has no meaning and doesn't even look good but you got it just so you can say, "Me? Yeah, I've got a tattoo." you also look like a moron! Come on, people! Wake up and smell the ink! That is going to be on you FOREVER!!!!!!!!! At least get something that means something to you. And if you aren't going to get something with a meaning, at least get something pretty! There is nothing worse than an ugly tattoo!!!

In my personal opinion, it is dumb to get a tattoo unless it has a meaning. I mean, why would you want a tattoo unless it goes deeper than just walking into the store and picking something out of the books. People are always curious about tattoos so you know that they are going to ask you where your tattoos are, if they can see them, if they hurt, and what they mean. You need to have a better meaning than, "I just went in and picked it off the wall." Be original and be creative and be fun, but be meaningful as well. Like I said, that is just my personal opinion.

I have six tattoos. Most of you know this, but for those of you who don't, I will explain them all.

1. My first tattoo I got on my 18th birthday, of course, and it is my tramp stamp (haha). It is a heart with three stars above it. It came from a design that I created from some song lyrics. The lyrics are, "Even forever don't seem like long enough." (I bet no one can tell me whose lyrics they are without looking them up!!) Anyway, it got me thinking that no one has forever and, like the lyrics say, even if we did have forever, it wouldn't be long enough to spend with the ones you love. The heart represents the love, duh, and i originally had the stars are to represent the heavens.

2. I got my wings next. They are on my shoulder blades and I love them. They are for my grandfather, my mother's father. He died when my mom was six months pregnant with me. I was named after him. My parents had a name all picked out and when he passed away, they changed it to Jamie...his name was James, of course. Anyway, I have always felt that he was like my guardian angel. My wings are small but I am thinking about adding to them and making them a bit bigger.

3. On my left foot, I have a crescent moon with a trail of stars. Have you heard the saying, "Reach for the moon. Even if you miss, you will grab a handful of stars." ? Well, that is basically what it means.

4. My right foot has music symbols on it. I love music. One symbol is to represent me, one to represent Josh, and one for Gabriel. Yeah yeah, I have one for my hubby. If we don't last forever, then there are just a bunch of music symbols on my foot. haha.

5. Behind my right ear is a cloud with a sun coming out from behind it. "The sun always comes out after the storm." I constantly have to remind myself of this over and over. Maybe I should have gotten it somewhere that I could see haha.

6. On the inside of my left wrist I got a fancy 'G' for Gabriel with a blue star next to it.

There you have it.


  1. So glad I got to see you yesterday! Miss you like crazy...btw you were drop dead gorgeous! :D

  2. Aww thank you so much. I got so many compliments yesterday. I must have been doing something right haha. I'm so glad I got to see you too. Everything was so hectic, I hope it didn't seem like I was ignoring you guys. I didn't realize I was the hostess until halfway through the party haha. We definitely need to get together soon for a girls' day and spend more time together. I love you, girlie!!!!

  3. I agree with you about not just getting a tattoo just to have one. AND I think it should have some sort of meaning - I mean it took me 23 years to come up with something. I know you have seen the picture of my tattoo - well, its two golden finches (male and female), and I picked finches because I have always loved those birds...they are so pretty to me. Well The female bird on the branch represents me - and the male finch flying back "home" to the branch is Troy...and the meaning behind mine is no matter where he goes in this world he will come back to me... and I will always be there waiting. :) I'm not sure if I will get any more tattoos - it took me so long to figure out my first one. lol

  4. i LOVE yours!!! and i love the meaning! i was going to ask you what the meaning was haha i have a ton more that i am getting and i will reveal them and their meanings once i get them haha and it wont be for a few more years that i will get them all but i cant wait to get them. thank you for sharing yours and its meaning!! :)

  5. I know I just posted that I'm not sure if I'll get anymore tattoos, but I have already been thinking about "well, if I do get another one it will be..." haha So I probably will get more. I told Troy I'll probably end up looking like a crazy bird lady - because I love birds and everytime I think about tattoo designs...a little bird just happens to be thrown in there. haha

  6. haha birds are gorgeous! and tattoos are definitely addictive because i was only going to get no more than 5 but i already have 6 now and am getting more haha. but there are worse things to be covered in than birds!!!