Friday, July 23, 2010

See a need, fill a need...

All right, so I have apparently been watching too much Robots...and any other kids movie for that matter...but it is a great saying. You see something that needs help, and you help. Well, I have seen a need and I am filling it as best as I can.

My good friend Josh Murray is getting home in less than a month after fighting overseas for over a year. My friend Scott Dotson just left a few months ago to fight overseas for his year or so. My brother will be going overseas within the next year unless something drastic was to happen with the troops before then. What better thing to do than to send are packages to them and all of the brave soldiers fighting overseas.

April, you definitely gave me the head start I needed to get things in gear and send something but I have wanted to send things to our soldiers for some time now.

I sent an email to my friend, Scott, and he told me some things that he and his buddies were in need of, so I am sending a general care package to those in need from April's information and I am sending another more detailed one to Scott and his buddies.

I feel like I am finally doing what I should have done a long time ago. And it feels great!

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