Wednesday, October 20, 2010

And Gabriel's costume is...

My brother was supposed to buy Gabriel's costume for Halloween this year, but he just went to Vegas for his birthday, so he doesn't have the money...which is fine by me because I get to chose what Gabriel wears instead of Tyler picking. Well, there were a lot of cute costumes out there for little boys but there were also a lot of not so cute ones.

We eventually settled on him being a...


Isn't he just the cutest pirate in the world?!? I love the earring in his right ear!! He actually wanted to wear it and didn't pull it off or even play with it. I couldn't believe it! The actual description of the costume is Pirate King haha. But I love it!

I also got a few things for my costume. I'm not posting pictures on Facebook until Halloween and I haven't posted any pictures of my costume yet because I didn't have the whole outfit. Now that I have everything that goes with it, I am going to take more pictures and I might put them on here.

Josh said that he might go as a pirate too. If that happens then I might be more of a pirate wench instead of a lady musketeer haha but that is fine by me!

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