Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fall Festival

My church had a Western themed Fall Festival tonight. Gabriel didn't really have any country stuff that still fit him so mom and I went to Goodwill to find some clothes...and we bought him some cowboy boots that fit him too since his other ones are a few sizes too small.

This was the end result...

Cutest little cowboy you have ever seen, huh?? He had on his cowboy boots and his little horse on a stick haha. Everyone was dressed up and they looked adorable.

Now, Gabriel has a little girlfriend at church who is about 8 months younger than him. Her name is Mackenzie and Gabriel calls her Tenzie (which I think is adorable!!...oh and she calls him Gabral). So of course I had to get a picture of the two of them all dressed up in their country outfits. I couldn't get them to stand still for a good and/or posed picture, but I did get one where they are both looking in the general direction of the camera and that is really all I can ask for.

Aren't they precious?? They chase each other around and give each other hugs all the time. Tenzie's mom Jenn and I are always introducing each other as Gabral and Tenzie's future in-laws haha.

They had horses at the church tonight and Gabriel wanted to ride them. He loves horses but I was nervous that he might be scared to actually ride it because it was so big and far off the ground. Heck no! He yelled, "WEEE!" and "YEE-HAW!!!" the entire time he was riding. I walked around with him just to be sure he didn't fall off.

I had to pry him off the horse after his turn and he started crying and screaming, "Ride it again, mama!" while we walked back into the church. He was not a happy camper for only getting one ride. I have been thinking about letting him take horseback riding lessons when he gets a little older but I wasn't sure he would want to...well, I'm pretty sure he will want to now.

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  1. WAY too cute! :) I love my little nephew!! And come December I will have two Gabriel nephews! Gabriel Palmer and Gabriel Allen! <3