Monday, October 4, 2010

Ugh! Double Ugh!

I went out on Saturday night on what was supposed to be a fun night alone for some ME time. I was just going to go to Barnes & Noble to get a few books. Well, my bestie Jess was going to be along because her hubby is working the night shift for a few I invited her along for some Jamie Jess time! I was so excited.
We went out to Applebees and got dessert, talked, and then we went to Barnes & Noble. For those of you who know me at all, know that I can't contain myself sometimes in that store. I told Josh I wanted a few books. And yes, that usually means 2 or 3 but I ended up getting 8.
Wow!I know. I really went overboard. I just knew that Josh was going to be mad at me. Some of the books were on sale so it wasn't as expensive as I thought it was going to be, but still. I told him and he was mad. Go figure. I knew he would be, but he went a little overboard. Once again, go figure. So I got mad right back. How much money and time has he spent on that stupid piece of crap truck of his that STILL DOESN'T RUN! I might add. He really has no right to get mad at me.
So today, I get a text message from him telling me he has a surprise for me when he gets home, it was completely free, but he doesn't know how well it will go over. Right there I knew I wasn't going to like this surprise.Now, before I continue, let me give a little explanation of my household. There is Josh (my hubby), Me (of course), Gabriel (our almost two and a half year old son), Apollo (our Great Dane), Toby (our Boxer), and Roxy (a mutt). Three dogs is enough for any house but when one is the size of a small horse, that makes things interesting, right? Oh yeah. And having a toddler is an adventure in itself even if we had no animals. So what does he bring home?

An adorable sweet little male orange tabby kitten. We have no need for another mouth to feed, especially not one that Apollo can crush easily with his paws that are bigger than my hand (he weighs more than I do too), or could eat in one gulp?
What is he thinking? At least my books don't cost more money after the first initial price. You don't have to take my books to the vet or feed them or bathe them. They just sit there looking gorgeous on my bookshelves beside my bed and that's it.
Like I need another thing on my plate right now. Does he want me to go insane? Have a complete meltdown? What?

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