Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Number 4

The countdown continues. Number 4 isn't as well known as Number 5 was, but he does fit the criteria or being less that 40 since he is only 27.

The only thing I have seen him in is Legend of the Seeker which is a television series based on the Sword of Truth book series by Terry Goodkind. I have only read the first book, which was amazing, but you can't really compare the series to the book because you will hate the series. It really doesn't follow the book at all. But the series is good too if you look at it as a separate thing altogether...which is what I always have to do when a movie or whatnot doesn't follow a book that I love...that way I can like them both.

He is...
Craig Horner

He is an Australian actor, so most of what he does is Australian movies and television shows. Has anyone else seen him in anything else other than Legend of the Seeker?

I think he is a good actor and he is also completely adorable. His character in Legend of the Seeker is named Richard Cypher, and he is such a great character. He is lovable and easy to relate to. I love the outfits in this show too.

Now, he was in my previous List of Five. And the fact that he made it to the remake of it is saying something. I realize that not everyone has the same taste in men as I do, but I'm not sure anyone could say that he isn't at least cute.

This picture shows his outfit from the show. His hair is a little longer, this is from the second season, but I will never turn down longer long as it looks nice and clean and not yucky.

All right, so I had a picture of Brendan Fraser without a shirt in the previous post, and I feel like I would be robbing my followers if I didn't add a picture of Craig Horner without his shirt on...

He has his shirt off a lot in the show and I really can't blame them for doing that. In fact, I thank them!

So, who agrees with me on my Number 4 choice? Anyone?


  1. I love love love the second picture of him. Kinda creeped out by the second to last one though lol I do not mind looking at him without a shirt... but i do wish it was a less mid-evil look! (I am so not into that whole era)

    I kinda love Michael Weston:

  2. the second one is my favorite too. i love the look he is making haha. i love medieval clothes...that's what makes Legend of the Seeker so sexy haha. his character has sexy clothes and the female main character has clothes i wish i had!!

    i will check that out