Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Go figure...

So, the kitty turned out to be so sweet and we all just fell in love with him. Obviously, we are going to keep him. We're going to get him fixed and declawed and get all his shots and a nice check up to make sure that everything is all right and then he will be the newest member of our family. I didn't want to name him because I didn't want to get too attached to him if we weren't going to keep him...

Gabriel already loves him. We are going to have to work on him being a little easier on him than he is used to being on the dogs. It won't bother me as much once he is declawed. But, now that we are going to keep him, we had to give him a name. We decided his name is going to be....


Now, that could stand for a lot of different things. First, I look at him and I see a lion. So Leo the lion is one thing that he could be named after. (And my zodiac symbol is Leo). Leo Fender (for Josh haha). King Leonidas 1 of Sparta. Leonardo from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Take your pick.

And he just looks like a Leo. Anyone with pets knows what it is like to name a new animal. They have to look like the name you are giving them. Every name we came up with just didn't feel right. He didn't look like an Elliott or a Patch (even though that's what I wanted to name him in the first place) or a Zeus. But he looks like a Leo.

Now, I'm trying to just take a deep breath and not freak out about another mouth to feed and another animal to take care of. I hope that everything will work out for the best. Sigh.

But, of course, I am already in love with him...and he loves his mommy! :)


  1. aww too cute. I hate not having a pet in this home... but I hate the $600 pet deposit even more. So no pets till we move on post!
    My son think's he is a cat anyways... so I will have to just settle with him for now :-)

  2. yeah that does stink. when will you be moving on post? my son thinks he is a dog haha. he barks when people pull in the driveway like the dogs do or when i am about to give him food or a treat that he likes he barks and pants with his tongue out...and even sits sometimes haha silly boys