Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Number 5

And the countdown begins. Now, I want to start by saying that I usually keep my List of Five to below the age of 40 simply because there are too many sexy older men that I can't narrow them down to five...(a few examples are Hugh Jackman, Dennis Quaid, Mel Gibson, and Gerard Butler)...but I am breaking that rule for my Number 5. He is 41 right now but he turns 42 on December 3rd...

Some of my favorite movies that he has played in are:

Encino Man
School Ties
Mrs. Winterbourne
Journey to the Center of the Earth
And my favorites...
The Mummy Movies
George of the Jungle!!

Have you guessed him yet? Of course you have, because you saw his picture before you even opened this post...that makes it really hard to keep you guys in suspense. That's right. It's

Brendan Fraser!!

Yummy! There is just something about him. He is a great actor and he is so funny. Even in his serious roles, there is a little bit of humor in there. Even if it is just a facial expression. Now, everyone knows that I just love a man with long hair. That is one of the reasons that this

is the sexiest picture of him. Now, the nice bod doesn't hurt either! But the long hair really makes it! I love him in that movie. Of course, I'm not biased to how long the hair has to be, so semi long and shaggy with a little bit of facial hair also does the trick...

The cute half smile, the relaxed yet goofy pose, the yummy arms (yup, definitely an arms girl! I just love muscular arms!) He is just so cute.

I had a dream last night that I was at a Halloween party and he was there. I don't remember what our costumes were, but he was George of the Jungle Brendan with the long hair and hot bod...he wasn't the goober he was in the movie though. He was very intelligent. We were talking and flirting and dancing...well we ended up getting married at the end of my dream right before I woke up. Too bad I woke up so soon. :)

But, just because I like the long haired, goofy, wide open version of him doesn't mean I don't appreciate the shorter haired, serious, B.A. version of him.

Mmmm...excuse me while I drool a little bit. So sexy.

So there ya have it! My Number 5 in my List of Five. Who agrees with me that Brendan Fraser is one sexy man?

Stay tuned for my Number 4 that will be headed your way tomorrow, my blogging buddies!


  1. haha i really liked that first picture of him... but i honestly am creeped out by the long haired versions of him!

  2. well I guess living in WA kinda ruins the cute long haired look... there are so many dirty anti military hippies out here who play the whole "starving artist" thing that look like that lol

  3. actually, i am obsessed (mildly, if you call that) with Brendan Fraser for some weird reason. I dont know. He's so hot that his character is the Mummy 1 and 2, a witty brute as strong as he is sensitive, his 'save the damsel in distress, kill the bad guy and save the world' persona makes me swoon enough to imagine he could be the dashing pirate in this cheesy novel I keep on reading again and again 'Only with your Love' by Lisa Kleypas (sigh)...
    P.S. thats without the rape scene of course, funny I had to edit the story in my mind. My bf has no idea how much of a fanatic Iam about B.F. Sometimes I feel I'm no longer being loyal, ahaha! :)

  4. I LOVE him in The Mummy movies!! I have never read that book but I might have to check it out haha :)

  5. Brandan Fraser is my favorite actor, and I really love his personality from what I hear or read about him in interviews (Like the song..."I just haven't met you yet"...) What makes me look up to him is a mixture of his looks, smile, tone of voice, and great personality.All topped with a unique talent.
    He says he fancies himself a writer, that he is a bookworm, and that he loves his animals. That's how I'd describe myself. I'm a writer in two languages, love my brazilian-american dogs and cats, but wouldn't dream of beeing a scuba diver, unless he'd be my instructor..lol..
    Long hair, short hair, in commedies or in drama...almost naked or in a suit...in the movies or in a play... In his early 30's or late 100's,He'll always have this fan, here in the US or somewhere else in the world. See you in my dreams, Brendan!