Friday, March 25, 2011

Let's get this party started!!!

YAY! I am so PUMPED! I got up this morning and (since my hubby had off today and he took the munchkin with him to do some errands) I had the house to myself...and I wasn't about to let that go without a party!

What did I do first?? One of my Yoga Booty Ballet videos, of course! And it was amazing! I didn't break a sweat, because it was the Light & Easy video, but you don't stop moving the entire 40 minutes. And let me tell you what, I am feeling it now!

After my workout, I cleaned the house. I was so pumped from my exercise that in no time I was finished doing everything that I wanted to do today. So I sat down with my YBB stuff and figured out a plan and some groceries that I needed and I went to the grocery store.

With my YBB package came a 7 Day Swimsuit Slimdown to get a jumpstart for your Ab & Booty Makeover (yes, I am a little embarrassed to have gotten that particular package but those are the main areas I want to tone and I have gotten over it).

I am going to start Monday with the 7 Days but until then, I am just doing my own little thing. I am going to do whichever workout I feel like doing and eating healthy and sticking with the plan as much as possible. I am so excited. I am also going to continue to take Gabriel outside so he can run around and burn off some energy and so I can run around too. The more moving I do, the quicker I am going to see results.

Following the plan, I have a set video to do every day and I have to drink at least 8 glasses of water and eat healthy. They give you some recipies that I am going to follow too. I can't wait to do the videos. They are so upbeat and energetic and fun. These are the videos for each day:

Day One - Cardio Cabaret: Burlesque Style
Day Two - Go-Go
Day Three - Latin Flavor
Day Four - Light & Easy
Day Five - Body Sculpting: Bollywood Style
Day Six - Hip Hop & Abs and 10-Minute Booty Blaster
Day Seven - Cardio Cabaret: Burlesque Style

I have all of my measurements for my before and I do them again after seven days to see how much I have changed and how much weight I have lost. And I also have a bigger measurement tracker for my overall goal. I have to take before and after pictures too but that might be a bit more challenging since I'm not going to let anyone else take pictures of me and I can't get every angle by myself haha.

Now that I am really thinking about it...I might start tomorrow for the 7 Day Swimsuit Slimdown instead of Monday. I might as well start now. If I had really thought about it I would have started today, but that's all right. I am so excited!

And when I reach my ultimate weightloss goal, I know exactly what I want as a reward...


I already have small wings on my shoulder blades, but I am going to get them about this size. They are going to look a little different from this but this is the size they are going to be...obviously they have to be closer together at the top to cover my existing wings and they are going to have maroon and light blue in them instead of just black and grey...but this is going to be what I get when I have reached my goal!

I am SSSOOOOOOOOOO PUMPED!!!!!!!! Yay! Go me!

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  1. That is awesome!!! I'm so excited for you!!! :)