Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Will Power

All right, so after feeling sorry for myself all day I have come to one conclusion...If I want this, and I mean really want this, I am going to have to lose weight on pure will power. When I go to the fridge to get a Diet Mt Dew I grab a bottle of water instead. When I want to sit down and do nothing all day, I get up an exercise instead. When I want to stay inside in the nice cold AC, I go outside and chase my son around the yard instead. When I want to pig out on foods that are only keeping me fat, I am going to limit myself instead.

Josh took Gabriel tonight when he got home from work to play with one of his friends up the street so I could have some time. I haven't been feeling well and Gabriel was a terror today...I had every intention of sitting around the entire time and feeling sorry for myself while they were gone, but instead, I got up and exercised and now I am drinking a bottle of water. I basically wasted this entire day, but I am getting on the right track.

I am not going to let tomorrow be like today. I am going to take Gabriel outside and let him run around and I am going to run around too and I am going to exercise at some time tomorrow. And I have to help my dad lose weight too...I get my laziness from him...so this is a struggle for both of us.

But I am going to do this, and I am going to do it my own way! No Weight Watchers or counting calories...by shear Will Power I am going to lose weight and get in shape!

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